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Green Charter School Greenville Upper School
211 Century Drive Greenville, SC 29607
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Middle School Mathematics
State Health Insurance
403b Retirement

Position requirements:
1. Teacher shall teach up to 30 (thirty) hours per week.
2. Teacher shall prepare classroom to enhance learning and to aid in physical, social and emotional development of students.
3. Teacher shall control student behavior in agreement with the student handbook.
4. Teacher shall collaborate with special education teachers on student Individual Education Plans to ensure all modifications are met.
5. Teacher shall ensure necessary and reasonable measures are taken to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.
6. Teacher shall gather, manage and file all reports, records and other documents where required.
7. Teacher shall protect the confidentiality of records and other documents and comply with applicable student records laws.
8. Teacher shall coach a group of students for annual School Project Fair. Projects could be any of the following subjects: Science, math, English, art, social studies, and technology. The number of students per teacher will be determined according to teacher student ratio. (Example: 300 students, 20 teachers would be 15 students per teacher).
9. Teacher shall supervise or organize field trips when assigned.
10. Teacher shall attend all staff meetings, professional development meetings, grade chair and department head meetings.
11. Teacher shall write, align curriculum, and implement or enact curriculum provided by the school.
12. Teacher shall submit weekly lesson plans and grades for report cards on time.
13. Teacher shall mentor assigned teachers.
14. Teacher shall be available to offer after school tutoring and activities such as clubs or special interest groups.
15. Teacher shall serve as an Advisor to a group of students. Such group of students shall meet at least once a week for motivational meetings and activities with the Advisor.
16. Teacher shall attend parent/teacher conferences and be available after school or on Saturday for the same.
17. Teacher shall attend open house for prospective parents, if assigned.
18. Teacher shall be available to chaperone and/or organize school activities, such as school dances or fundraising events.
19. Teacher shall supervise lunch, hallways, and other common areas when assigned.
20. Teacher shall use the school online grade book and update the same timely.
21. Teacher shall maintain communication with parents through phone calls, correspondences, and meetings.
22. Teacher shall perform all other duties assigned by administrator(s).

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